ADV & Privacy Notice

To Our Valued Clients:

Registered Investment Advisers must annually provide existing clients with a list of material changes or a copy of their complete Form ADV pursuant to SEC Release No. IA-3060, Rule 204-3 of the Investment Advisers Act.  We are also providing our Privacy Notice to describe our policies for collecting and keeping private your nonpublic personal information.  We will provide our Privacy Notice to you annually and anytime there is a change in our policy.

Our disclosure brochures provide important information about our firm and its associates.  A copy was previously provided to you.  Below we have made available our most current Form ADV PART 2, as well as our Brochure Supplements and Privacy Policy.


ADV Form 2A: Firm Brochure

Brochure Supplement for Raymond Carota

Brochure Supplement for Nico Echevarria

Brochure Supplement for Michael Deo

Privacy Policy