Investment Planning Solution

Brandywine Financial Group offers a disciplined, comprehensive and objective process for developing and implementing an optimal asset management program. We provide strategic long-term investment guidance that reflects a thorough understanding of you and your family's financial and estate structure. A distinct advantage of developing a relationship with a member of our team is the alignment of your financial professional's interests with your own. Because your financial professional earns a fee based on the assets in your portfolio, he or she has a vested interest in helping your assets grow.

The Process

Thorough Analysis of your current investment plan

  • Review Current Holdings
  • Costs Basis Accounting

Designing Your Investment Portfolio

  • Completion of our Risk Profile Questionnaire
  • Define your investment objectives and risk tolerance
  • Determine your time horizon, goals and attitudes towards investing
  • Establish Investment Policy Statement

Set Asset Allocation Policy

  • Strategic Division of investments among, equities, fixed income and cash


  • Selecting appropriate investment vehicles to utilize in the portfolio i.e. stocks, bonds, third-part money managers, annuities, mutual funds or cash equivalents

Portfolio Rebalancing and Monitoring

  • Review the performance of your portfolio
  • Recommend changes that should be made or any other important matters concerning the account
  • Making the necessary adjustments to correct portfolios allocation to ensure that your portfolio remains consistent with your asset allocation policy
  • Access to institutional money managers & mutual funds
  • Consolidated performance reporting
  • Commission Free Investing
  • Online access to all of your accounts - updated daily

Brandywine Financial Group's Investment Planning Solution advantage is a more personalized, high-quality asset allocation designed to deliver more consistent returns, lower volatility, and a greater chance of achieving your financial objectives.