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Investment Planning Solution

Brandywine Financial Group offers a disciplined, comprehensive and objective process for developing and implementing an optimal asset management program. We provide strategic long-term investment guidance that reflects a thorough understanding of you and your family's financial and estate structure. A distinct advantage of developing a relationship with a member of our team is the alignment of your financial professional's interests with your own. Because your financial professional earns a fee based on the assets in your portfolio, he or she has a vested interest in helping your assets grow.

The Process

Thorough Analysis of your current investment plan

  • Review Current Holdings
  • Costs Basis Accounting

Designing Your Investment Portfolio

  • Completion of our Risk Profile Questionnaire
  • Define your investment objectives and risk tolerance
  • Determine your time horizon, goals and attitudes towards investing
  • Establish Investment Policy Statement

Set Asset Allocation Policy

  • Strategic Division of investments among, equities, commodities, inverse hedges, fixed income and cash and/or cash alternatives


  • Selecting appropriate investment vehicles to utilize in the portfolio i.e. stocks, bonds, commodities, inverse hedges, third-part money managers, annuities, mutual funds or cash equivalents

Portfolio Rebalancing and Monitoring

  • Review the performance of your portfolio
  • Recommend changes that should be made or any other important matters concerning the account
  • Making the necessary adjustments to correct portfolios allocation to ensure that your portfolio remains consistent with your asset allocation policy.
  • NOTE: **There will be periods during bear markets or other "event driven periods" in which may require deviations from the traditional asset allcation. We will communicate these periods to you so you understand why we may be holding larger cash positions or excluded certain asset classes for periods of time.
  • Access to institutional money managers & mutual funds
  • Consolidated performance reporting
  • Commission Free Investing (For Advisory Fee Based Accounts)
  • Online access to all of your accounts - updated daily

Brandywine Financial Group's Investment Planning Solution advantage is a more personalized, high-quality asset allocation designed to deliver more consistent returns, lower volatility, and a greater chance of achieving your financial objectives.

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