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Personal Financial Planning Solution

At Brandywine Financial Group it is our belief that careful and continuous planning is crucial to the long-term success of our clients achieving their financial goals. Our solutions based Financial Planning Process provides clear direction yet is flexible to respond to changes in markets and family circumstances. Our Financial Planning Process includes an investigative analysis of your current structures and strategies. We analyze your investment portfolios, project cash flow, assess your tax situation, and review your estate plan. Our goal is to uncover gaps that may exist between your objectives and financial structure currently in place.

Our solutions based Financial Planning Process includes:

  • Wealth accumulation and planning strategies integrated between personal assets and the optimal use of company benefit programs
  • Retirement & Investment Planning - Develop an investment strategy that helps meet retirement needs while preserving capital and minimizing volatility
  • Education Planning
  • Risk Management - A fancy word for insurance: to ensure you have the right types, and the right amounts for the right reasons
  • Tax planning and reduction strategies
  • Distribution Planning
  • Estate planning: Providing an orderly transition of your estate to your heirs

Our Financial Planning Process

Acquaintance: Prepare to focus on you. In this initial meeting, we ask you to tell us in detail about your financial life. Your goals and lifestyle. Risks and opportunities you foresee. We'll want to understand your personal characteristics-your strengths and your experiences, as well as areas in which we can support you. We'll also provide you with a list of documents to gather, so that we can form a more complete picture of your situation.

Discovery: Our learning continues as you provide the materials requested in the previous meeting. More questions, more discussion, a deeper understanding of you and your goals. Your BFG financial advisor will meet with any or all members of your financial team - your accountant, estate planner, insurance agent, business consultant, or trust advisor to review and discuss your goals. Or we can recommend one of our Strategic Partners to help you meet your needs.

Validation: We present a detailed review of all the background information you provided us, so that you can validate its accuracy. This ensures a clear understanding of the assumptions we will use to move forward. Although this is a recap of information from our clients, it's often an eye-opening experience for them.

Strategy: In this meeting we outline a strategy for helping you achieve your financial goals. A simple focused look at a plan to help you get where you want to be.

Recommendations and Execution: Finally, we discuss specific recommendations for investing and other actions and begin the implementation process. We take responsibility for execution and follow-through.

Update: Your financial plan will be monitored and updated to reflect changes in your lifestyle.

Review: Meetings or phone conferences will be scheduled periodically to track progress towards goals. Changes in your financial situation, risk tolerance, or personal circumstances may create the need for a financial plan adjustment. This review is to assure you that you are on the path to achieve your objectives.

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